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AQUATEK Ltd. is a leading water technologies manufacturer. With over 20 years of experience in the Taiwanese market and over 7 years in the international market, we provide world-class solutions for plumbing and home decor brands. With our custom assembly line, excellent OEM experience, and a dedicated team of workers, we can help you customise any water tap, dispenser, or dispensing product.

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The kitchen is the centerpiece of a living space often serving many functions. AQUATEK has developed luxury fittings to meet the various needs of this living space, setting standards in design, technology and function.
AQUATEK water purification equipment

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Water purification equipment is the most important element of any property. Without the right purification equipment, it is impossible to provide high-quality water. With our experience as an OEM manufacturer and water purification technologies company, we can provide you with some guiding points to help you choose the right water purification equipment.

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